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  • Exact information of family.
  • Relation/affair before marriage.
  • Employment details (desg,salary,reputation)
  • Temperament details
  • Relations with neighbours
  • Previous marriage or divorce if any.
  • Actual reason of divorce
  • Criminal record check.
  • Default check with financial institute/banks.
  • Drug addiction check.
  • Smoking/drinking e.t.c.
  • Financial status of family/individual.
  • Extra marital affairs.
  • Daily routine during & after job.
  • Exact employment details (desg, salary, e.t.c.)
  • Loyalty of your spouse.
  • Pre marriage affair.
  • Parental intervention in their life.
  • Harassment for dowery or any else reason.
  • Attitude of family members.
  • Reputation in neighborhood.
  • Character of spouse.
  • Nastiness of family members/relatives.

"KDS" belives that case for divorce comes out due to confusion, nastiness, unfaithfulness, over interference of family members, income, ego e.t.c. "KDS" try to understand root of problem by talking them seprately & then try to resolve harmoniously by resolving each & every dispute. Simultaneously "KDS" team gathers following informations to discuss case without prejudice which also support & give confidence to client for winning case at the time of further litigation if not resolved amicably.

  • Evidence of external affair.
  • Property/assets details of spouse.
  • Actual income of spouse.
  • Extra maternal relations.
  • Reputation in neighborhood.
  • Behavior of family members.
  • Character of spouse.
  • Social and financial background of family.
  • Harassment/unkindness of family members.
  • Medical fitness of our client.
  • Bad habbits of spouse.
  • Loyalty of spouse.
  • Photo/video evidence where ever it is possible.
  • Spouse gainful employment with proof for maintenance case.
  • Tracing of missing person.
  • Intract with friends & relative.
  • Reason of missing/lost.
  • Use our expertise.

We understand that missing of dear & near is very painfull & we start our working on war footing basis with full of dedication & determination after assignment to trace your near & dear with our expert team for this task & feel proud to selebrate after tracing of missing person with our client.

Recently so many servants found convict in theft, robbery, murder, rape, kidnapping e.t.c. it is always suggested to get detailed information of applicant through police/reputed detective which prevents you from any surprise.

We furnish you a detailed report of servant you wish to appoint which includes so many information of applicant as mentioned below :-

  • Residence address investigation.
  • Permanent address investigation.
  • Criminal record check.
  • Exact reason of living previous job.
  • Behaviour & reputation at previous job.
  • Family background.
  • Check of character.
You are in love with some one or married person & have suspicion on your partnet don't hesitate & waste time in thinking just hire us & find out actual report in which we will monitor each & every movement of such person through shadowing him for few days & furnish an authentic report in which we provide you some photographic/video recording evidences if possible or required.
  • Affair with any one else.
  • Follow up with authority of assignee.
  • Location of candidate through out day.
  • Meetings checks.
  • Monitor contacts of that person.

You may be worried for your children due to his activity & aloof behaviour it is time to monitor him & rectify whatever incorrect things have devloped in your child we "KDS" is having expertise in such cases & support you in correction by following acts:-

  • Routine after work place or college.
  • Kind of friends and their standard.
  • Affair/relation.
  • Drinking/smoking & drug abbused.
  • Engaged with wrong persons/society.
  • Shadowing on picnic/outing.
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