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Frauds are normally conducted by white collar criminals who are well educated working in good company/corporate but they commit frauds for there personal gains which they well knows that act they conduct is civil as well as criminal offence but fraudents do it to fullfill their own extensive needs & luxury. We "KDS" is having intelligence team & technology teams both work togeather on case & are expert in resolving such cases with a broad network & latest technology & equipments in a very reasonable time frame. We have a lot of experience in resolving so many faraud cases of various kinds.
  • involvment and identification of internal staff.
  • root & reason of fraud.
  • tools which has been used during the fraud.
  • tracing of accused person & get him arrested if case is registered.
  • documents check.
  • recover amount/asset of fraud.
  • assets finding of cheater.
Your & your's company reputation & credibility will be on stake if decision goes against you so that you always appoint best advocate to win it but court case always become nightmare. During long litigation proceed so many supports are required by your advocate as he can argue legal points in court but at same point of time he require support of documentary evidence & proofs to authenticate their arguments. Very often he seeks assistance of investigators who can support him to obtain proofs sdome times crucial witness is absconding which may trails to your case towards defeat here our services are required.
  • "KDS" will provide you support of documents.
  • "KDS" will find out assets to support you for debts recovry during the court case.
  • Actual income and assets details for settlement of divorce case or for maintainance claims along with proofs.
  • Gather photographic evidence.
  • Finding of crucial witness who is absconding.
  • Identifying & locating witness.
  • Investigation of adverse witness.
  • Assesment of other part is established for litigation or on settlement mode.
  • Serving or helping to serve legal documents.
  • Capture video recording evidence.
  • Give evidence in court & support litigation.
  • Proofs of infidelity for divorce cases.
  • We provide proof of employment along with salry if claiment is employed during the case in labour court.

This all information & investigation supports you in winning legal battle it also saves you from any complicated situation.

"KDS" belives that case for divorce comes out due to confusion, nastiness, unfaithfulness, over interference of family members, income, ego e.t.c. "KDS" try to understand root of problem by talking them seprately & then try to resolve harmoniously by resolving each & every dispute. Simultaneously "KDS" team gathers following informations to discuss case without prejudice which also support & give confidence to client for winning case at the time of further litigation if not resolved amicably.

We conduct confidential investigations in extreme diplomatic way to find out unseen facts.we follow method of cover story & conduct enqiiries with caution so even our direct approach to target should not creat any doubt in the mindof target our team is very expert to come up with alibi.

  • For court case as evidences.
  • For legal proceeding.
  • For actual findings.
  • For divorce cases.
  • For sting operations to disclose the facts with proof.
Court case always force to divert you & your key officers from productive work towards non productive work here our speial investigation team is required to find out ex employee gainful employment details along with all proofs.
  • "KDS" will support you in finding details of person who has filled case against you in labour court.
  • Present job & salary details during case of claiment.
  • Present company details along with designation.
  • Identify supporter inside your staff.
  • Family & back ground details

For handwriting analysis & matching expert team is required which must be capable to analysis between requested & collected writings which we have. Through our special lab our team recognize the pattern of handwriting by analysis through a questioned document to decide writer of document.

  • Hand Writing Checks.
  • Signature Checks.
  • Matching of Handwritting.
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