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“KDS” is having specialized under cover team to resolve theft cases by deploy our well trained detective in your company as an employee & such detective build up freindship with employees & excavate information which supports to catch thieves red handed along with evidence.

“KDS” has supported so many companies by this kind of under cover operation.

  • Root of theft.
  • Identify culperates.
  • Internal staffs involvement.
  • Finding of security leps.
  • Responsible person for theft.
  • Negligence of any department.

“KDS” belives that fraud & cheating only take place with involvement of internal staff, negligence of some persons & flow in the internal process.

  • Involvment and identification of internal staff.
  • Root of fraud/cheating.
  • Tools which has been used during the fraud.
  • Tracing of accused person & get him arrested if case is registered.
  • Papers checks.
  • Identify process gap & its remedy.
  • Finding of mastermind which supports you to alleviate it for ever from your organization.
  • Master plan to minimize possibility of re-occurance.
  • Under cover operation to identify more suspected person in your company.

Skip tracing is only requires when some one is not available on given address it may requires due to plenty of reasons.as to recover debts, loans may require for any court case or it may requires for your personal reasons.we can also trace out details of property/bank accounts or other business information of such person/company which supports you in legal cases.

“KDS” is having a dedicated teram which is able to meet your requirement with expertise to trace such person/company with the help of data as well with intelligence.
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