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Kuber Detective Services is having a well trained team to find out actual facts which may be declared or not in CV of candidate but "KDS" will publish a report by investigation on following points of candidates as "KDS" team understands that a correct employment can give new heights to organization but a wrong selection can push employers towards major losses we are at your door step to provide you accurate information & prevent you from losses.

  1. Exact reason for change of job.
  2. Performance in previous Company/Assignment.
  3. Actual Quallification/Education.
  4. Family Background.
  5. Financiall Background.
  6. Criminal Record if any.
  7. Actual Salary in Previous Company.
  8. Actual Designation in Previous Company.
  9. Present Address Investigation.
  10. Permanent Address Investigation.
  11. Reputation in Neighbourhood.
  12. Reputation in Previous Company.
  13. Refrence Checks.
  14. Attitude Towards Work.
  15. Default, if any.

Kuber detective services are in position to give you right directions on any suspecious employee after his appointment which may occur due to his life style, expenditures e.t.c. in employers mind “KDS” will recrut a team to find out exact detailed information of such employee & support you take an appropriate decision.

  1. Leaks of confidential information
  2. Nexus with competitor.
  3. Involve in theft.
  4. Involve or in plan to cheat company.
  5. Unioin activity.
  6. Running parallel business.
  7. Misuse of authorities.
  8. Misuse of finance.
  9. Change in financial status.
  10. Routine after & before office hours.
  11. Social/friend circle & his hobbies.
  12. Living standard / expenses as per income.
  13. Mystery shopping.

Its very important when you are under process of merger,takeover,investment in joint venture or vendor impannelment you are required to know about another party's key information which supports you take correct decision. We as kuber detective services is having specialized team to find out each & every crucial & exact information by expert persons of such field which enable you to go ahead or stop further proceeding “KDS” will publish report on not only specific subject asked by you but also provide additional information as mentioned below in para (f to q):- which support you for long lasting & profitable relations.

  1. for merger of two companies.
  2. for take over of company.
  3. investment in joint venture.
  4. for aquistion
  5. new vendor impannelment.
  6. financial condition/analysis.
  7. investigation for legal matters.
  8. integrity checks of associate.
  9. reputation in market.
  10. trustworthiness of associate.
  11. identify key business manager.
  12. technical details.
  13. legal cases details.
  14. trustworthiness.
  15. key business managers.
  16. products market reputation.
  17. management issues.

"money is lost nothing is lost, Health is lost some thing is lost,
character & prestige is lost,
everything is lost"

Due to duplicacy of your patent, trademark, copyright & counterfeit by unauthorised way you may lost reputation, revenue, network of sales & most importantly customer base which takes so many years to build, but due to above reasons you may loss it in very short span of time.kuber detective services will support you to find out root & support you in distroy it from its root."Kds" will deploy a specialized team which is in position to spread through out the nation to find out accurate informations: -

  1. Check of duplicacy of patent/trademark.
  2. Piracy of copy right thing.
  3. Market survey to find out origin of duplicacy.
  4. Involvement of staff.
  5. Establish of counterfeit product which are very similar to genuine product.
  6. Identification source of production.
  7. Indentify channel of distribution.
  8. Identify agents.
  9. Identify geographical location of counterfeit maker.
  10. Identify owner & distributor.
  11. Collecting solid evidence for legal or enforcement procedures.
  12. “KDS” will support you to conduct raids through out the nation to seize/wipe out counterfeit products with assistance of police.
  13. team of “KDS” is capable to assist you for pursue crimainal & civil litigation against counterfeit entire channel.
  14. “KDS” team is capable to alert & take help of local police/authorities as & when required along with authority.

Importance of credit worthiness & risk analysis is well recognize in corporate world, banks, nbfc, financial institute & telecom sector but it is also effective in other areas as if your organization is going to appoint new dealer/distributtor or any kind of financial tie up, we kuber detective services will provide you micro level informations to under stand others credit worthness which enable you to build long lasting & profitable relations with your associates. "KDS" will also provide you feed back of ex dealership /distributtorship. This gives you extensive feed back of person/organization on which you are going to take risk.

  1. Prior to appoint dealer/distributtor/stockist/dsa.
  2. Market reputation.
  3. Reputation in neighbour hood.
  4. Elligibillity of loan/credit.
  5. Default check.
  6. New vendor hiring.
  7. Integrity check.
  8. Financial condition/analysis.
  9. Investigation for legal matters.
  10. Health condition.
  1. Intention of proposer & nominee.
  2. Actual reason of claim.
  3. Finding any mis lead.
  4. Agents role in fraud & voilation of law.
  5. Video & photographic evidence.
  6. Concealment & misrepresentation of facts.
  7. Driving licence investigation
  8. Identity & address investigation.
  9. Fitness & insurance paper investigation.
  10. Permit investigation.

Through assets search we “KDS” support clients for legal proceeding, divorce case, debt recovery e.t.c. this service is use full in corporates, banks, financial institute as well as for personal reasons.

  1. “KDS” will find out assets to support you for debts recovry during the court case.
  2. To recover amount of chetaing or fraud.
  3. Asset search for divorce cases.
  4. Movable & immovable assets hunting for legals.
  5. Valuation of assets for housing loan & recovery.
  6. Documents check for housing loan purpose.

Mystry shopping is very use full tool for assessment of your employees, your spouse, your kids or any one else which helps in knowing actual vision on any particular subject as honesty, loyalty, attitude e.t.c.

  1. To know about your employees loyalty.
  2. To know about his attitude towards assignment.
  3. To know honesty of your key employee.
  • It helps you in finding what is wrong going on in your absence at any office/factory/plant or any other place by planting “KDS” detective at same place for few days/week & he will provide us all information of that spot along with solid evidences “KDS” team is having expertise in under cover operations with help of high-tech surveillance equipments which even helps in sting operations.
  • Once we understand your requirement we create a smart plan which enables us to provide accurate information of your need with the help of latest technology & equipments which all are acceptable even in the court of law.
  • We are here to assure you with our expert team that privacy & secrecy will be maintained properly.
  • Surveillance of an employee after & before office hours.
  • His life style.
  • His expenditures.
  • His circle which includes friends.
  • His habbits.
  • His involvment with competitor.

“KDS” will support your organisation by providing accurate informations of market & competitors which support your organisation to win opposition.

  • Strategic utilization of inteeligence.
  • Marketing stratergy.
  • Services render to clients.
  • Market position & reputation.
  • Professional ability of your opponent.
  • Supplier of raw materials.
  • Potential clients.
  • Key employees of your competitor.
  • Financial status.
  • Reason for non recognition of your product in particular zone/market.
  • Data which support you to enhance your business.
  • “KDS” will provide you detail reports which support you to identify escape & support you to rectify things through correct cource of action.

“KDS” is having specialized under cover team to resolve theft cases by deploy our well trained detective in your company as an employee & such detective build up freindship with employees & excavate information which supports to catch thieves red handed along with evidence.

“KDS” has supported so many companies by this kind of under cover operation.

  • Root of theft.
  • Identify culperates.
  • Internal staffs involvement.
  • Finding of security leps.
  • Responsible person for theft.
  • Negligence of any department.

“KDS” belives that fraud & cheating only take place with involvement of internal staff, negligence of some persons & flow in the internal process.

  • Involvment and identification of internal staff.
  • Root of fraud/cheating.
  • Tools which has been used during the fraud.
  • Tracing of accused person & get him arrested if case is registered.
  • Papers checks.
  • Identify process gap & its remedy.
  • Finding of mastermind which supports you to alleviate it for ever from your organization.
  • Master plan to minimize possibility of re-occurance.
  • Under cover operation to identify more suspected person in your company.

Skip tracing is only requires when some one is not available on given address it may requires due to plenty of reasons.as to recover debts, loans may require for any court case or it may requires for your personal reasons.we can also trace out details of property/bank accounts or other business information of such person/company which supports you in legal cases.

“KDS” is having a dedicated teram which is able to meet your requirement with expertise to trace such person/company with the help of data as well with intelligence.
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